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Isabela Maniero

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Jeremiah 33:3

‘Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.’

As a child I had cancer on my lymphatic system. I had nodes all over my body and my skin was covered in rashes. Simple tasks like taking a shower were painful. Being under the sun was painful. I was allergic to several things, so I had a very strict diet to prevent allergic reactions that could worsen my situation. I couldn’t wear the school uniform because the fabric irritated my skin, but the worst part about school was having other children stare and ask what was wrong with me. Doctors couldn’t provide a solution and the medication I was taking was making my hair turn black and fall out. It was extremely painful to live like that and everyday was a struggle to get through.

As a Christian, my mother started questioning God as she faced a real risk of losing her child. She believed that the same Jesus she had given her life to was the one who healed the sick and set people free 2,000 years ago. She believed that the Jesus who said ‘ask and it may be given to you’ (Matthew 7:7) and that nothing is impossible if you have faith (Matthew 17:20) could save me from that disease. So when doctors told my mother there was no cure for me, she took a step of faith and took me off the medication I was on. She started constantly taking me to church and asking God to cure me and in one afternoon, the pastor prayed over me and I was instantly healed. The nodes were gone and from that day onwards my rashes started healing and my hair started growing blonde again. I can eat whatever I want and take a shower without pain.

I cannot express in words how miraculous this experience was and how drastically my life changed after that. Jesus didn’t just knock on my door: He stormed into my life to save me. When no one could relieve me from my suffering He carried my burden and gave me life. He is the same Jesus from the past and He does the same miracles now as He did back then. He can heal everything from back pain to cancer, depression to anxiety, mental illnesses to loneliness. In a world of pain, He gives peace and most importantly, eternal life. He didn’t die on the cross only so that you can make it to heaven, He transforms us the moment we invite Him into our lives. More important than being healed from a disease is to have decided to put all aspects of my life – all my worries and problems – at God’s feet and to rest assured that He is taking care of me. Is to have found in Him the answers for big questions such as, “Who am I?” and “What is the meaning of life?”.

Christianity is not a set of rules you have to follow so that you’re "good enough" and "qualify" for heaven. Being a Christian is to recognise that as humans we are flawed and sometimes we mess up, but because God loves us so much, He sent Jesus to die for our sins so that we can stand sinless before God and be accepted by Him. He loves you and He calls you to come to Him just the way you are. With this testimony I don’t mean to say Christians don’t have any problems and don’t die from diseases; but that once you give your life to Jesus, He takes your hand and carry you through any storm. Whatever the outcome may be, whatever happens in your life, you’re always winning as long as you’re with Him. If you haven’t already, I highly recommend you to speak to a Christian or visit a local church because knowing the love of God is the most beautiful and important thing in life and you will never be the same after an encounter with Him.

He says, “Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know” (Jeremiah 33:3). Pray and ask Him to reveal himself to you, because He truly exists and cares about you! You are welcome to talk to me or with a member of the Christian Union as well if you have any questions!

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