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Rebekah Moore

Hellooo, I'm somehow old enough to have just finished off a masters in Management Science: Operational Research (I know, sometimes I wish I could just say I did law or something cause everyone knows what that is and it's so much quicker to say!) Originally I'm from Norfolk then went to Liverpool to study Maths and I came to the realisation that Northerners speak properly by using a flattened 'a' (I don't think I'll ever be able to change how I speak though). I'm a tad odd, having a favourite number as well as a favourite letter which happens to not be the one at the start of my name but hey-ho there we go ☺️

Philippians 4:6-7

Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.

"When did you actually become a Christian?" I was asked the other day by someone I met at Hyde park. I thought it was about time I finally wrote down some thoughts, especially for those of you whom I may have never told about my faith in Jesus. I find it difficult to say things concisely, I've done my best to condense this -if you want to ask me anything, please feel free to email me.

Honestly I have no recollection of a time in my life where I haven't known of God's existence. I was blessed to grow up with Christian parents who taught my siblings and me about God and His love for us throughout our childhood and beyond. It was the norm to include thanking Jesus for our food before we ate dinner together; we went to church on Sundays and my mum would pray with me before I went to sleep.

One day, I remember I was about five or six, I read and reread over and over a little children's pamphlet called "Who is Jesus?", (I particularly liked the fact I had my own little 10-page booklet and I loved that I could write my name in the insert page "This belongs to:" Rebekah). At the end there was a bit which explained that you could ask Jesus to be your special friend if you wanted to. That day I prayed, saying sorry for all the things I'd done wrong, and I asked Jesus to be my friend.

I pinpoint this as when I first chose to ask Jesus into my life. For years after, I'd chat to Him all the time, mainly on the way to and from school, never feeling strange talking with my best friend.

Different things over the years made me drift away, people let me down and hurt me. Throughout my childhood, many of my close friends moved away, to the extent that I actually questioned whether there was something I was cursed with that made people leave. I got confused about the things other people did and the way they lived when they said they were Christians too. I didn't want to be associated with anything twisted. I doubted His love and was just angry that there was so much mess in the world and thought, does He not care to deal with it?

Later on, I let my attention be drawn to other things; I focused all my efforts on studying for exams, getting attention from guys, earning money and having a blast with my friends. All this meant I didn't have much time left. Only occasionally I'd talk to God, felt a bit weird though as I didn't say hey very much; it became a very rare thing that I'd pick up my bible and actually read some of it.

I've had a fair few REBEKAH - WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? moments in my life where afterwards I would quickly thank God for intervening and then, just as quickly, forget about Him. First year of uni, I had a massive wake up call where I felt challenged about the trajectory of the life I was living. This time I cried out to Him, apologising for ignoring Him for so long and asked Him to help me live the life I was made to live. It was over that Easter break that I, for the first time, felt him directly speak to me and tell me to go and get baptised - I didn't have to listen but I chose to obey.

Since then I've been learning and figuring stuff out with my Father: I'd never meant to cut God out my life, but I had gradually stopped including Him and the longer I did the harder it made it to come back. It wasn't that I stopped believing - it was just that I didn't spend any time with Him; it was only at desperate times that I would remember Him being there, only when I needed Him would I call out to my once best friend. In hindsight, I know He was right there with me throughout, protecting me even though I put myself in some dodgy situations and made some major errors.

I am on a journey; as a broken human I mess up daily in that I don’t reach the standards I am called to. But it's not about following rules, or being good and ticking boxes - nothing I can do gives me plus points that can earn me salvation or any extra love. It is about a relationship with my Maker, like with any other you have to put in effort in order for it to strengthen. Although I live amongst mess, I myself am not mess - I know that my identity is in Christ. Seeking holiness is not about living some boring life where you are limited from doing all the 'fun stuff'. In fact, Jesus came so that we might live life to the full, in abundance.

Incase you're unaware, Jesus' first miracle recorded by eyewitness accounts was at a massive wedding party, where He turned water into bulk loads of fantastic wine. Relationships are also His idea, the way He designed it to be for us humans made in His image - based on who God is - a three person unity in a perfect harmony. Through Him all things were made. It's the sky that I daily gaze up in awe at - how incredible it is. To me this shows His mighty power and beautiful design.

There is someone who knows you perfectly, completely understands how you feel and knows exactly what you mean if you were to try and explain what was going on in your mind, your heart and in your life. Someone who loves you so much that He left His throne to die for you. Someone that will never let you down, who always wants to spend time with you and is always eager to listen. Someone who gets your jokes even if they're pretty much only funny to you and appreciates everything you do when no one else seems to notice. Someone who is fair and honest, who genuinely cares and wants you to live a life that is beyond your wildest dreams – a life full of goodness, purity and purpose. Have you heard the Easter story? Jesus is alive! He lives!

Jesus is the name of the King I've surrendered my life to.

We naturally hold on to things and want to have our own way – I have often wanted to figure everything out to the tiniest detail. At times I've thought that I had it all sussed; I’ve even deliberately chosen to try and make things in my life be a certain way. However, I’ve realised that my plan isn't going to work if it's not in tune with God's plan. The plan of He, who loves me more than anyone else can love me, the One who knows me better than I know myself, who is kind and just and wants what is best for me. He is the perfect One to be in charge of my life, which is why I choose to surrender, give Him all my thoughts and desires and ask Him to guide me.

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